general info + settings

The balance displayed on your dashboard consists of your chequing and savings account balances.

We’ve removed your registered and share accounts from this total so you only see what funds you have immediate access to. You can see all your account balances on the accounts page.

Yes you can! You can add account nicknames by going to settings > account settings > existing accounts. Simply enter in the new name and save.

Yes! Navigate to settings > account settings > existing accounts. Click on the arrow and drag the accounts into the order you’d like.

Make sure to scroll down to the bottom of the page to save your changes.

Yes, you can turn on text message (or SMS) banking under settings > alerts. There, you can enable / disable alerts for your accounts and change the nicknames for text message banking.

You can change your Hubert GO Web password in settings > membership settings. You will need to know your current password to change it here.

If you do not remember your current password, please contact Help HQ (855-448-2378) to get it reset.

First need to set up the external account.

  1. Navigate to the settings (in the 3-bar menu). You’ll see a list of options, including accounts.
  2. Select manage setting for external accounts and ‘add external account’.
  3. Fill in the requested information and save. You can use the search function to find the route and transit number for the external financial institution.
  4. To verify this account, Hubert will make a small deposit into the account you entered. Once the deposit is added, you’ll need to return to the settings to confirm the amount deposited.
  5. Once your account is verified, you can transfer funds in and out of your external account under ‘transfer funds’.

To exchange Canadian funds to US dollars, you’ll need to have a US dollar account set up with Hubert. If you don’t have one set up, you can create an account through Hubert GO Web.

Under ‘transfer funds’, you’ll find ‘currency exchange’. Click ‘next’ to get started.

Choose the account you’d like to convert money from and which account you’d like to add the money to and how much you’d like to convert. Click ‘next’ to confirm.

Go to settings > account setting > create new account. Follow the steps to select the account type, if you’d like it registered, if it is a spousal account, and if applicable, the desired term length.

Once you’ve created your account, transfer funds into the account to start saving.


Your account statements and annual statements are in the document section.